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I have been with NJBS since March of 2007 and have been happy with their quality work since. Zee’s experience as a nanny reflects in many of the services she offers to her nannies. NJBS understood my qualifications and matched me with a family that would value and appreciate my role as a nanny. NJBS not only matched me with a wonderful family, they also made sure the family and I connected. NJBS has been involved with me since the hiring process and has created a supportive environment for me. NJBS is an agency that has the ability to be accessible and will go above and beyond for their nannies. They understand and value the hard work their nannies put into their services, and as a result, NJBS makes sure the compensation matches the hard work. NJBS not only offers quality services for their families but their nannies as well. I recommend NJBS to highly qualified nannies because NJBS knows your value, and is committed to offering quality work and involvement. NJBS is a collective system in the sense that if you work hard for them, they will work just as hard for you.
~ Nancy O.

Zee and NJBS are one of those rare jewels you find that you never want to let go. As a nanny, I am constantly awed by the professional and personal nature of this company. Zee’s genuine love for the families and staff is simply unmatched. I have never encountered as many satisfied parents and kids, as when working for Zee. This is not an agency that just sends a “resume” to sit with your child. To me, NJBS is synonymous with the highest quality of care, and as a representative of them, I am so honored to be placed with wonderful families who entrust their child in my care. Working together with Zee, I have grown to learn so much about children I care for and am endlessly striving to find ways to make a child’s time away from his/her parents, as positive as can be. I am truly privileged to be in the company of such amazing people.
~ Lusine K.

My experience with NJBS has been amazing. Zee is friendly, flexible, and thoughtful. She never misses a beat. I am a full time student and a full time mom but I thought to supplement my income I would do what I love to do best, take care of children. I had a one day a week position that worked out great. The family was so nice and it truly felt like I was making a difference. From time to time, Zee would call me to see if I could help a family for a day for various reasons such as a last minute event and I would always be there if possible. Anyone considering using NJBS services or joining the NJBS team with be thankful that they did.
~ Kelly S.

I can and have honestly said that Zee Miller is the best boss I have ever had. When anyone talks with Zee, they can clearly see why she started Not Just Baby Sitters. She has the experience of being a childcare provider. She cares about you as a nanny/babysitter, that you are in a safe environment, that you are suited to the family and that if there is anything you need, she is there. Not only as the nanny are you cared for, but it is also obvious that she cares about the families. Zee spends time with the families to know who will fit with them, what their personal needs are, and what makes them so special. Anyone who works for Zee, or with her, will see how invaluable her candor, heart, knowledge, and organization are to Not Just Baby Sitters.
~ Bekah M.

Not Just Baby Sitters has been one of the most rewarding job experiences that I have ever had. They are extremely professional and very easy to work for. They always ensure a comfortable and professional working environment, which not only benefits us as childcare providers but it also benefits the families we work for. Through them I have found amazing families that I am thrilled to work for and I will always be grateful to them for giving me such a great opportunity.
~ Sarah H.

Not Just Babysitters has opened up a whole new post-kids world for me! Zee has put together a remarkable group of girls here in NYC that are all professional, educated, friendly and (most importantly) my two kids have fallen in love with all of them. My 3-year old son and 5-year old daughter have adored every girl we have used over the past 14 months – and with shy personalities, they are not always easy to please. As a result, my husband and I go out a lot more and never have to worry – we know that if Zee has given a caretaker the seal of approval, she will be fantastic. Originally we thought finding one great sitter we could use on a weekly basis (weekends) would be ideal, but we have found so many girls we love that no matter what type of emergency or last minute plans arise, we will be covered. And you can’t beat the personal service that Zee provides – she is completely hands-on. This is my favorite NYC service!
~ D.L., Upper Westside, NY

We have just arrived home from our quiet night out to dinner. Thank you so much for your amazing efforts in hiring fantastic staff. I instantly felt so comfortable with our nanny. She is a real gem. The boys adored her, and my youngest was on her knee as soon as he could. We had a really enjoyable dinner out, knowing that the kids were safe. Your website is definitely the best out there. We don't know anyone in LA yet and we didn't have any recommendations so we just Google searched. I think it’s your photo and the number of forms that we had to sign, general transparency of the process and screening of your sitters that was really comforting. I am going to recommend you to our friends whose apartment we stay in. They have plenty of friends living full time in LA, with kiddies.
~ R.C., New Zealand - visiting LA

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how well our nanny is working out with our family. She is just terrific- calm, patient, funny- we all adore her! I simply can't say enough positive things about her. Thank you so much for finding her for us.

Now that we've officially said good-bye to our nanny (summer position only), I wanted to let you know again what a tremendous success she was. She is a wonderful person and an absolutely fantastic babysitter. Thank you for finding her for us.
~ R.M., Upper Westside NY

I have to admit signing up with you is the smartest thing I’ve done all year. You alleviate the stress for me. I can’t even explain it! You’re the best!
~ C.D., Tribeca, NYC

Zee is a wonderful person who I really trust. NJBS is absolutely fantastic! I can call anytime and get a great babysitter. It has given me lots more freedom to make plans and know that my kids will be cared for by a high quality sitter. I highly recommend Zee’s service.
~ C.T., Malibu, CA

Zee Miller was a godsend. I was in desperate need of a full time nanny for my 10 month old son. She worked tirelessly to help me fill this position in the shortest amount of time possible. She sent me four wonderful candidates and after careful consideration and advice from her, I hired someone who has worked out beautifully. Zee spent personal time with me to really understand my needs and I believe that is why she was so successful in placing someone in my home. Her high standards and screening process are unsurpassed and I am more than happy with the results. I couldn’t recommend her and her agency more!
~ J.M., West LA, CA

We don’t know what we would do without Zee. She has been the rare combination of professional and emotional support as she has guided us through what could have otherwise been the scary task of finding a caregiver for our first child. She found us the perfect person for our family and we would tell anyone looking to find a nanny or babysitter that they can’t find anyone better to help them then Zee Miller Smith.
~ H.K., Sherman Oaks, CA

Zee Miller Smith is thoughtful and consistent. She is an excellent guide in the process of selecting and managing a nanny. She is kind in her approach and always follows through with excellent service. The quality of help is outstanding. I highly recommend Zee Miller Smith and NJBS.
~ H.B., Pacific Palisades, CA

My schedule is constantly changing. Not Just Baby Sitters takes the worry, stress, and time-consuming aspects of scheduling out of the equation - and I know I’ll always be covered by a top-notch nanny.
~ M.A., Beverly Hills, CA

I was referred to Zee and NJBS by a family friend that I knew had very high standards for childcare. NJBS has definitely lived up to those standards! I love how incredibly easy it is to communicate with Zee. She is a kind person and a great listener. She follows through on all things and is genuinely concerned about her clients. My husband and I appreciate that Zee took a lot of time to learn about us and the type of person we could trust caring for our first child. We absolutely LOVE our nanny and feel that she has become a valued part of our family. I am at peace when I leave the house knowing that our daughter is not only safe but learning and having fun too!
~ K.M., Pacific Palisades, CA

Zee has very important qualities that make her successful in this business. On the one hand, she is clearly bright, committed, and organized, qualities that are important for the business side of her endeavor. She always returns calls and emails in a timely manner and always is on top of schedules and payment. I am truly amazed by her level of attention to detail. On the more person side, she is warm and friendly and makes people feel comfortable entrusting such an important decision to her. Finally, children love her! Because she has had the experience of being a nanny, she knows firsthand what to look for in a nanny. She also knows the potential complications that can arise in that relationship and finds a way to resolve them smoothly for both sides.

Zee has provided me with my regular 4 day a week babysitter who we all love. My husband refers to her as the all time best. Zee has also provided me with on call babysitters to fill short term or occasional needs. These women were also very good and easy for my children to warm up to.

I was once in NY waiting to fly back to LA when the flight was cancelled. I had to spend the night in NY and wouldn’t be back until noon the next day. I didn’t have a babysitter scheduled so Zee found someone to fill in. I was not totally comfortable with the idea of a total stranger caring for my children while I was on the plane home, but clearly I had to accept because my husband needed to go on to work. When I arrived home and met the babysitter, she was fantastic and the children were having a great time. So much so that my 2.5 year old son was sad when she left and said, “But why do you have to leave? I’m gonna miss you.”

Zee clearly knows how to identify caring, responsible, respectful individuals who bring much to the table for both the children and then families.
~ B.S.S., Brentwood, CA

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