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ZeeOwner, Zee Miller Smith, is no stranger to working with children. Originally from Pennsylvania, Zee was always the resident babysitter for numerous families caring for children as young as a few days old up to teens. She went on to graduate with honors from New York University and continued caring for children as a part time nanny. After moving to Los Angeles and working in entertainment, she realized that her true passion was children and finding great connections between a family and their chosen nanny. Now a wife, mother, aunt, sister, and daughter, she continues to have numerous experiences involving children and can relate to both sides. She understands the apprehension and reservation new parents experience in selecting the right nanny and yet also knows that a nanny wants the right connection with each family.

By getting to know both the family and the nanny’s needs, Zee and her staff are able to more specifically connect two groups. Having placed hundreds of nannies (including her own), Zee is well versed in all things nanny and is happy to service both coasts traveling regularly between Los Angeles and New York. We now serve LA, NY and DC!! She and her trained representatives will happily serve your specific needs.

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